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Leading Technology

Fieldbus Communication, Industrial Automation, PLC & IO Systems, and Backplane Solutions.

Leading Technology

profichip® TRITON

Gigabit Ethernet Communiction Controller, PLC, Backplane Master and Motion Controller in One Chip
profichip® TRITON
ANTAIOS real-time ethernet controllers


Real-Time Ethernet Controllers
  • Multiple fieldbus support
  • 288 MHz ARM Cortex-A5 processor
  • Ethernet interface with real-time switch
  • Gigabit Ethernet MAC
  • SliceBus® master

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SliceBus Backplane Controller
  • Pin- and function-compatible with existing SliceBus® technology and SNAP+ ASIC
  • Integrated LVDS termination resistor
  • Asynchronous, serial data transmission with 192 MBit/s over Point to Point LVDS physic
  • Many improved features over SNAP+ (see below in specific segments)

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NOTOS SliceBus Backplan Controller
Fieldbus Controllers

profichip VPC3+S (PALF2009 & PALF2021)

PROFIBUS DP Slave Controller with Serial Interface
  • SPI, I²C, parallel-interface
  • 4 kByte communication RAM
  • Function and software compatible with VPC3+C and SPC3
  • Supports PROFIBUS DP-V0, DP-V1 & DP-V2 protocols
  • HW-PLL for DP-V2– ISOM
  • Ultra Low Power, Vcc 3.3 V
  • Software stack
  • BGA48 / LQFP48 package or proficonn-module

PALF2009 PALF2012

Development Kits

The devlopment kits for industrial communication, PLC and motion applications assist you in your development process.

Our development kits put every possible function and interface at your disposal in an easy-to-use form factor.

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profichip development kits