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The flexible multi-protocol solution with a future

The ANTAIOS multi-fieldbus controller enables higher integration in a smaller package to fulfill the requirements of the industrial automation market.

ANTAIOS focuses on the efficient and flexible implementation of high-performance real-time Ethernet communication protocols such as PROFINET IRT or TSN/OPC UA. The programmable real-time Ethernet unit supports all Ethernet-based protocols allowing for quick reaction to any protocol changes. The multi-protocol slave and master chip for industrial automation offers a high degree of flexibility and security for the future as new features can be conveniently retrofitted via software (microcode). ANTAIOS is ready for any upcoming TSN extensions and whatever future challenges Industry 4.0 and IIoT may bring.

Slow access times via software callback functions and long copy routines are a thing of the past! The I/O data is available via a hardware interface (consistency interface), making the I/O data available in real-time.

Additionally, the user has the option to separate the PROFINET consumer/provider states from the I/O data via the consistency interface. A convenient extra function is that the data can be re-sorted into virtually any order by the hardware and converted into the desired target format, which also eliminates time-consuming software routines.

ANTAIOS Key Features

ANTAIOS SoC Circuit Diagram