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EasyConn PB - Profibus Connector with Diagnostic LEDs

The best-in-class PROFIBUS Connector EasyConn PB from profichip is used for the connection of Profibus participants to the bus line. It provides all test functions, speeding up implementation and troubleshooting in an industrial environment. Four LEDs, which are visible from both sides, indicate bus- and device status: the yellow LED shows the voltage supply of the device (PWR), the green LED the bus-activity (TxD); another yellow LED informs whether the termination is switched OFF or ON (Term). The red LED indicates whether there is a wrong termination resistance or a false surge impedance that influences the bus transfer (ERR). The integrated EasyConn Controller works with a data transmission rate of up to 12 Mbit/s. Even at this rate, the power consumption is very low, so that the PROFIBUS-participants are strained at the minimum. We offer versions of 0°, 45°, and 90° cable outlet. The connector with 45°/90° cable outlet provides easy access to the integrated PU/diagnosis socket; no additional hub is required.

The full metal case ensures high noise immunity and withstands harsh environments. The switchable termination resistances, which are accessible from both sides, are activated by the plug with slide switches. In this way, testing of the PROFIBUS communication can be executed without removing plugs or cables. The cable ducts are equipped with transparent covers so the correct correlation of the bus cords is visible. Also, under field conditions, easy connection of stiff or flexible bus cable is supported by integrated cutting clamps. All parts of the plug are designed as screw-saving.

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