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PA006425 | ProfiCaptain 2 (software only)

<b>PA006425</b> | ProfiCaptain 2 (software only)
<b>PA006425</b> | ProfiCaptain 2 (software only) <b>PA006425</b> | ProfiCaptain 2 (software only)

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General Description

ProfiCaptain is a PC-based PROFIBUS DP master that has been designed for applications like: I/O tests, commissioning, parameterization and demonstrations. It makes working with PROFIBUS much easier, faster and more enjoyable.

About the ProfiCaptain

The main platform is a configuration environment in which the user can setup their devices with the respective modules and parameters. After setting up the network, they are put in Data Exchange without a download. The I/O’s can be watched and manipulated easily. If necessary class 2 functions can be used on all addresses in the network, even if they are not configured or locked by another master. ProfiCaptain is integrated in ProfiTrace 2.

ProfiCaptain is the perfect solution for a straightforward master system.

Application areas

  • I/O testing and address setting for cabinet builders
  • Manual override for process operators
  • Product testing for integrators and manufacturers
  • Product evaluation
  • Product demonstration
  • Education

Technical Specifications


  • User friendly configuration software
  • Easy network creation with advanced GSD import
  • No shutdowns when updating the configuration
  • Deactivating devices in the configuration
  • Stealing devices from other masters without shutting the masters down

I/O Testing

  • Watches and modification on selectable variable types
  • Automatic patterns (bit walks, zig-zags and counters)

Automatic busparameter detection

  • Detection of busparameters (Tslot, MaxTSDR, Tset, etc)
  • Suggested master address
  • Dynamic Live List
  • 9.6 kbps - 12 Mbps
  • Prevention of accidental shutdowns

Acyclical functions

  • DP-V1 class 2 functions on all addresses
  • I&M functions
  • Set Slave Address
  • Read Inputs/Outputs
  • Get Configuration
  • Get Diagnostics
  • Automatic identification of all the slaves in the network (address, product name and Ident Number)

Procentec #: 22020