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PA006432 | PA Probe Ultra

<b>PA006432</b> | PA Probe Ultra

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General Description

The PA Probe Ultra is a small but high-tech extension for ProfiTrace that makes it possible to do electrical and protocol measurements directly on the PA bus. With the PA Probe you can use ProfiTrace on DP as well as PA networks and finally cover all installations with 1 tool.

About the PA Probe Ultra

In the past analyzers/busmonitors only had DP - RS 485 interfaces. With the transparent DP/PA couplers this was no problem, but when the links were brought on the market, the user had no possibility to analyze the protocol on the PA side. The PA Probe is a solution to use ProfiTrace directly in the PA area and therefore cover all PROFIBUS applications.

The PA Probe does NOT consume current from the coupler and can also interpret signals which are out of range. It has screw terminals so that the user can easily attach the PA cable.

Technical Specifications


  • Dimensions: 76 x 33 x 12 mm
  • Weight: 25 g
  • Connector layout: PA+, PA- and Shield


  • DC voltage: 0..33 V
  • PA signal: 1.2 Vtt
  • Input resistance: > 1 MOhm
  • Input capacitance: < 1 nF

Ambient conditions

  • Isolation class: IP 20 (DIN 40 050)
  • Operating temperature: 0 .. 70 °C


  • ProfiTrace version: works with ProfiTrace V2.2.1 and higher

Procentec #: 14020