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PA006450 | ProfiHub B5+RD with Diagnostics

<b>PA006450</b> | ProfiHub B5+RD with Diagnostics

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General Description

The ProfiHub B5+RD is identical to the regular ProfiHub B5 family. However, it is equipped with an additional integrated micro ProfiTrace diagnostic unit. The ProfiHub offers a PROFIBUS DP slave device to transfer bus statistics and device event information to the PLC/DCS system. This allows you to reduce unexpected downtime to a minimum. This solution has the following unique features:

  • 6 segments
  • Diagnostic information easy to view via the software
  • Built-in PROFIBUS DP slave for transferring diagnostic data 

About the ProfiHub B5+RD

This innovative network component is an essential element for maintaining PROFIBUS DP systems when the host system is required. The application software was previously unable to identify bus diagnostic information and act accordingly. With the ProfiHub B5+RD this information is fully available. Even the location of certain devices behind the channels of the ProfiHub is useful for identifying the topology from a host system point-of-view.

The user provides the ProfiHub with a software bus address (set slave address function). By means of the GSD file the user can configure the data that is required from the ProfiHub. The cyclical data can contain simple statistics up to complex structures identifying channel problems.

The ProfiHub B5 is a solid network component providing reliable solutions for spur lines and star-shaped structures in PROFIBUS DP networks. Furthermore, it is the first ProfiHub that has been provided with a built-in PROFIBUS DP slave for transferring diagnostic data to a host system.

Technical specifications


  • Transparent for all PROFIBUS DP protocols
  • Suitable for PROFIsafe and MPI
  • 9.6 kbps .. 12 Mbps (auto-detection)
  • 1200 m segment length (depends on baud rate)
  • 31 devices per channel
  • Bus redundancy option

DP slave features

  • DP-V0 (certification number: Z01885)
  • Ident Number: 6970
  • Software addressing (0 - 126)
  • 32 Bytes diagnostic data
  • Maximum 85 bytes input / Maximum 5 bytes output (90 bytes total)

Diagnostic information

  • Live List
  • Statistics
  • Power status
  • Redundant status
  • Termination status

Procentec #: 17020RD