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PALF2030 | VPC3+CLF Profibus Slave ASIC

$ 16.90

PALF2030 | VPC3+CLF Profibus Slave Controller

$ 16.90

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General Description

profichip´s VPC3+C is a communication chip with 8 Bit Microprocessor interface for intelligent PROFIBUS slave applications. SPC3 can be easily replaced with even more features.

(recommended for existing designs only - new designs please choose PALF2080)


  • 100% compatible to SPC3 
  • PROFIBUS-DP/DP-V1 / DP-V2 protocol handling in hardware 
  • 4 KByte communication-RAM 
  • 3.3V or 5V power supply 
  • Low current consumption 
  • PNO certified costumer applications 
  • Package PQFP44
  • Software stack and Evaluation Kit available

Block Diagram: